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Valentine's Day Blog and Survey Results.........



We asked our fans what they desire for

Valentine’s Day this year…


We recently surveyed our Facebook Fans in a Valentine’s Day Poll, asking them what gift they would like to receive. At present, we stock a limited but beautifully formed range of Valentine’s Day goodies and as we grow and expand into different sectors, we were keen to explore the expectations of our customers and their perceptions of this annual celebration of love, dating back to the 5th century.


Reviewing the findings of a recent poll conducted on their Facebook page (, it was interesting to learn that the more traditional gift of ‘chocolates’ has plummeted in popularity (3%), where the comparatively more expensive ‘weekend away’ (19%) is what we desire from our loved ones this Valentine’s Day. Flowers remain a firm favourite (12%), proving slightly more popular than the more traditional ‘bouquet of roses’ (10%). 10% of those surveyed said they would be happy with just a card, 4% would love to receive a heart shaped balloon and 5% would rather not bother with gifts and claim they are not a fan of marking the day.


To stay in or eat out – that is the question – and according to the people surveyed, it was a neck and neck in regards to popularity. 14% would rather stay in for a home cooked meal and a further 14% said they would prefer to eat out at their favourite restaurant.


As a thank you to our fans for taking part in the poll, we have entered you all into a prize draw and the winner – to be announced shortly - will receive a gift from House of Party to be delivered on Valentine’s Day.


House of Party – Valentine’s Day Poll

(Findings based on 103 votes cast by Facebook fans and users, with voters selecting for the gift they would most like to receive on Valentine’s Day)


A bouquet of roses

10% / 10 votes


A bunch of flowers

12% / 12 votes



3% / 3 votes


A home cooked meal

14% / 14 votes


A meal out at your favourite restaurant

14% / 14 votes


A card

10% / 10 votes



2% / 2 votes



8% / 8 votes


A heart shaped balloon

4% / 4 votes


A weekend away

18% / 19 votes


Nothing - I'm not a fan of Valentine's Day!

5% / 5 votes


Other - A gift from house of party

0% / 1 vote


Other - Someone to share it with x

0% / 1 vote

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