Baby Shower Cakes and Cake Decorations

Baby Shower Cakes and Cake Decorations

Here at House of Party, we like any excuse for some cake! So when the time came to write a blog about them,  we could not be more excited!

So without further ado, here is our blog on all things cake for Baby Showers!

Types of Decorations :

In our opinion, you can't go wrong with a good old fashioned Victoria Sponge, and a simple cake like this can be great tasting and easy to decorate and look fabulous


Little One Cake Decorations

Above is one of our favourite set of cake decorations, (because you really can't go wrong with baby elephants!) which can be put on any type of cake, not just our favourite Victoria Sponge, and even has a chalk board to write a message for the mum-to-be.  It's also gender neutral if you don't want to give the game away....




 Gender Reveal

A new craze which is coming over from the USA, is to have a Gender Reveal Party. This can involve all sorts of ways to reveal to the guests, and sometimes the parents, whether you are having a little boy, or girl. 

One way people are doing this, is to have the gender of the baby found out at the scan, but not told to the parents. It is then sealed in an envelope, and then sent to a person making the centerpiece cake. 

That person then makes up a coloured food dye corresponding to the gender (e.g. pink for girl and blue for boy) to put in the cake mix. The cake is then made up and covered in an icing.

When it comes to the party, the all important moment arrives, and by cutting into the cake, everyone finds out the gender!

Here are some of our favourite neutral decoration to with a gender reveal cake;


Little Lady or Mini Mister Cupcake Picks


Tiny Feet Cupcake Picks


Little Lady or Mini Mister Cake Banner and Bunting


Example of Pink or Blue Sponges.


Themes :


You can literally do any theme for your baby shower. Classic, cheesy, animal, or even tv shows. 

Here are some of our favourite cake themes;

1. Baby Miffy



Cupcake Picks


Cupcake Cases


Cake Stand

Miffy is one cartoon which never fails to be adorable, especially on cake!


2. Little Owl



Cupcake Cases Pink and Blue


Cupcake Picks Blue and Pink



Cake Stands Pink and Blue
These decorations will make your cake look extra special with this matching set.


3. Guess How Much I Love You


Cupcake Cases



 Cupcake Picks

You can capture the charm of "Guess How Much I Love You," the delightful story of a father hare explaining to his young son how much he loves him in these lovely, classy cake decorations for your party.









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