Organising a Gender Reveal Party

Organising a Gender Reveal Party
This is a brand new event on the British party calendar. Like a baby shower, this is an imported event from America that we, at House of Party, feel will take off in the UK. The idea is that after your 20 week scan, you invite your chosen friends and family to your house to reveal the gender of your baby. This can be done in a couple of ways; firstly, as the expectant parents you find out the gender and then prepare the party around revealing the gender to your guests. Secondly, the brave option, you ask the radiographer to record the gender in a sealed envelope, the gender is revealed by the mother to all guests at the same time as finding out herself. The organisation of the party is slightly more difficult when using this method.

So, let's assume that you have decided to reveal the gender at the same time as finding out yourself. Firstly organise the party for around 2 weeks after your scan, this allows for cancellation/delay if the gender is unable to be determined at the scan. Invites should go out in good time and the party can be made as big or as small as you wish. We stock invitations, tableware and balloons from the gender reveal theme that will help your party be one to remember. This is one of the first ranges that have been designed especially for this event. 

One of the first tasks should be to seek a supplier of a cake or themed cup cakes. The cake designer should be warned that you will provide them with the gender of the baby in an envelope which they must keep confidential. The design of the cake should be pink or blue and the cake is revealed as part of the gender reveal. Of course the cake should provided in a sealed cake box in preparation for the event. The gender will ultimately be revealed when the mother removes the lid of the cake box with all the guests surrounding the cake. Pink, it's a girl, blue it's a boy. 

The event can proceed after the gender reveal in a similar way to the baby shower.
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