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Organising a Baby Shower

A baby shower is a great way to lift the spirits during the last few difficult weeks of a pregnancy. The baby shower originated as an American event and is now becoming the norm in the UK and other parts of the world. We recently had contact from a firm in the Netherlands who were looking at improving their stock range and specialising in baby showers as they were becoming much more common. 


A baby shower can be organised at any time of the pregnancy but traditionally these would be held towards the middle of the third trimester of pregnancy. The event can be held at a friend or family members home, although some expectant mothers do take on the task of having everyone around to their home. It is more common that just female friends and family attend to share their stories of child birth and their children's early years but many expectant mothers now choose to invite their best boyfriends as well. The father of the child is usually not present at the event.

The first step to organising a baby shower is to draw up a list of invitees and decide on a tableware theme. If your going all out, then many themes also include an invitation range. One example is the very popular umbrellaphants range, which comes in pink or blue. The other consideration is the colour theme. It is now increasingly popular for parents to find out the gender of the baby. However, the expectant parents might not have told others and therefore you may require to pick a neutral theme. Some great neutral themes are Tiny Bundle, Baby Miffy or the very classy Tiny Feet range.  


You may actually decide to reveal the gender to everyone at the Baby Shower. This would make the event extra special and would create a real buzz around the event. In America an earlier event takes place called a Gender Reveal Party. This normally occurs just after the 20 week scan but could be incorporated into the Baby Shower. If you wish to follow this method then you may wish to consider the Gender Reveal set. 

After deciding on a theme and location the next step would be to get those invites out in good time for the event. Then the real planning begins! Games, food and gifts all need to be considered. The baby shower traditionally incorporates some silly games. We have a few to choose from but you can also design your own such as the smelly nappy game. In this game you blindfold the expectant mother and ask her to identify the smell in the nappy (usually a food source pasted into a nappy). You may also alter this game to identify the chocolate bar that you have melted in the nappy. Of course this game looks rather authentic. You can easily collect items to make this game yourself but you can also find kits on ebay. Many children's games can be given a baby shower twist. One example is pin the dummy on the baby. Games should be simple, short and fun.

The food at a Baby Shower should be a highlight of the event. Rarely is alcohol served to avoid the expectant mother being left out, so food is the highlight of the event. Many organisers make a decision to follow the menu of a traditional afternoon tea. Cakes, sandwiches and finger foods should be present, think Great British Bake Off. You could ask invites to bring a cake or dish to lighten the load. Some of our themes even have cupcake picks and sandwich flags to ensure that the theme transfers to all aspects of your event. 

Gifts for the expectant mother should be considered carefully. It may be worth discussing gifts with other attendees. Receiving five different changing bags might not be the most productive use of money. Some organisers state that all gifts should be for the mother to be not the baby. One idea would be to create a gift hamper of pampering gifts and accessories to help the expectant mother feel special during the final weeks of pregnancy.

Lastly, this should be a fun event that will be remembered for years to come. If you have any further ideas that you feel would be beneficial to others, email them in and we can add these to the article, pictures of your event are welcome as ever.

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