Football Madness

Football Madness

Why not hold a football themed party?

Euro 2016 kicks off next Friday (10th June) and continues through to the 10th July. Maybe you have a birthday to celebrate during this period or maybe you could use it as an excuse to get friends and family over.

A good party needs decorations, games and yummy food here’s some ideas to get you thinking…


Here at House of Party we have football themed invitations to inform the guests…

football invitations

We have party boxes for the kids to take home to remember the party…

And we have football themed balloons…


Why not use the football balloons to do a game of keepie-uppy (take a look on you-tube at some funny videos showing this)

You could have two teams race a football in and out of cones- the quickest team wins

Or maybe you could do a football quiz using pictures of footballers

Don’t forget to get some prizes maybe a little trophy or certificates

 Food ideas

You could dot around some chocolate footballs- you could hide these and play a little game or decorate cupcakes with them




If you’re feeling creative why not try creating this amazing surprise piñata football cake (BBC Good Food)

If like me you can’t bake why not purchase one from a professional (contact House of Party for details)

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